Thai Massage

How Thai Massage is Preformed

Thai massage is unlike any other form of massage. Thai

does not require the use of any kind of lubricants; it does

not require the client to remove their clothes, nor does it

use a massage table. Instead Thai massage is preformed

fully clothed and on a Thai matt. The clothes for both the

client and therapist are comfortable clothes that allow

movement. A Thai matt is similar to a futon mattress,

placed on the floor.

Thai massage is one of the oldest forms of healing the body.

Thai massage roots come from yoga and Ayurveda, and

are believed to have been born in the temples by the doctor

Shivaga Komarpaj also known as “Father Doctor”, a

Doctor and friend of Shakyamuni the founder of the

Buddhism religion, also known as “Buddha” ( Buddha 2007).


We will take a quick look at the history of yoga,

Ayurveda, and Shakyamuni. Learn about how Thai

massage is preformed, the benefits of Thai and some of

the contraindications of Thai massage.

History of Yoga

No one is exactly sure how long yoga has been around.

Some say it is as old as mankind. Others believe

that yoga is as old as 10,000 to 5,000 years. Yoga was

passed down orally from generation to

generation (Yglesias, D. 2010). According to David Yglesias

author of The History of Yoga, from the Aura

Wellness Center, “the first evidence relating to yoga’s

existence is found in Mohenjodaro seals excavated from

the Indus Valley. The stone seals place Yoga’s existence

around 3000 B.C.” (2010 para.1).

It is believed that all forms of yoga are based on a

mystical philosophy.

Yoga practitioners ultimately look to connect their soul

with the cosmos, the controlled breathing and

poses are to help the positive and negative forces in the

body to create a new harmony, which will

allow them to achieve clarity and gain access to the

unconscious mind (Carnes, D. 2010).

There are 4 original styles of yoga, each one emphasis a different characteristic.”

There is

~Karma yoga which stresses good deeds;

~Bhakti yoga which involves devotion and prayer;

Then there is~ Raha yoga and it emphasizes on mental control

and ~Jnana yoga which involves the intellect and meditation” (Carnes. 2010).

A relatively new form of yoga and one part of the broader

spectrum of yoga practice is~ Hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga goal is to stimulate and revitalize both the

body and the mind.

The poses are designed to increase strengthen and

flexibility (Carnes, D. 2010).

It seems that yoga is a big part of living a healthy and

balanced life.

It was not until recently that Western medicine realized

the benefits of yoga and began promoting it.

A little about Ayurveda


Ayurveda is a captivating and extremely fascinating form

of medicine.

It is said that Ayurveda is the oldest and wisely system of

medicine on the planet.

It has been around for 1000 of years.

In Ayurveda it is believed that our physical, psychological,

intellectual, and spiritual actions shape and revise our

essential existence.

Ayurveda also believes that the body, mind, and

spirit are all linked together. You cannot treat only

one and achieve balance and harmony; you have to

treat all of them in order to achieve balance and


“In Ayurveda the mind body link is the key to good health

because it allows to attack the root cause of

a disease” (ayurvedadosha 2010). The Ayurveda system

has three doshas, Vaya, Pitta, and Kapha.

The three doshas each have two of the five elements

associated with them.

Each and every person has all three doshas within them.

One dosha will be stronger than the others,

this is how they know how to help a person deal with

disease and find balance and harmony in the person’s life.

Ayurveda is rooted in insightful wisdom and has changed

little over the years (ayurvedadosha 2012).

Ayurveda is a complex yet simple form of medicine and healing. It

is extremely captivating.

About Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha was born in 624 B.C. to Queen

Mayadevi and King Shuddhodama in a place called

Lumbini. Shakyamuni “shakya” is the name of the royal

family and “mumi” means able one.

Shakyamuni is the founder of Buddhism.

Buddha means a fully enlightened being. Buddhism is one

of the largest religions around the world and

yet it is not a religion, it is a way of life.

(about Buddha, para. 4 2011). Buddha has made a

difference in many lives around the world.”

It is believed that if one integrate Buddha’s teaching into

our daily life we will be able to solve all our

inner problems and attain a truly peaceful mind, without

inner peace, outer peace is impossible” (about

Buddha, para. 8 2011). Buddha or Shakyamuni was born

into a position of power and comfort beyond

most of our understanding. He had to actually sneak out

of his home that was surrounded with guards

keeping watch over him, to pursue his path of serenity.

Who is the “Father Doctor?”

Shivaga Komarpaj also known as “Father Doctor”, the

work that he did with Buddha and the monks

was considered very important and spiritual work.

The work was believed to be so important that it was

inscribed into stones so that the tradition would

not be lost.

These stones still exist today, over 2500 years later. The

can be seen at the Walls of the Wat Pho

Temple in Bangkok (spirit winds 2011).

images (22)

I did not do much research on the Doctor; I do know that before beginning any Thai massage you are

supposed to thank the “Father Doctor” for the opportunity.

What is Thai Massage & How does it



Thai massage also known as Nuad Boran, has a long history of achieving wellness in others.

Thai massage consists of muscle stretching, Zen lines and muscle compressions.

The therapist positions the client in different yoga positions which allows a deep and gentle stretch

that is able to open the joints without the resistance one would have on their own.

While stretching the muscles the therapist uses compressions on the muscles and thumb chasing along

the Zen lines, also known as energy lines of the body, enhancing the client’s energy to move more freely

throughout the body.

Thai massage works deep in the muscles of the body, relieving muscle tensions, helping with joint

mobility along with helping nerve and ligament balancing (spirit winds 2011).

Due to the gentle nature and non-invasive techniques Thai massage are suitable for a wide range of

clients including elderly and disabled, too those who work out regularly too those who do not. There

are very few reason that would stop you from getting a Thai massage.

It has been said that Thai massage is invigorating and stimulating for both the client and therapist

giving each the feeling of being less tense with more

energized after the session.

With the long history set in stone and the history of how it came to be

makes me believe in it. Then once I was able to perform a full Thai massage I understood the benefits

For both the client and therapist.

Some benefits of Thai Massage are:

~ facilitates relaxation,

~ helps heighten awareness,

~ frees blockage in energy flow,

~invigorates the nervous system.

Along with~ increasing flexibility,

~ improving circulation of blood and lymphatic system

~ enhances elimination of wastes and toxic debris from physical, mental and emotional strain.

Thai Massage is also helpful in Relieving:



~ Paralysis,


~ Whiplash pain,

~ Sciatic,

~ Back pain,

and many other

Ailments that affect the body (2011).

Thai massage is also known to facilitate and promote a harmonious state of being which promotes

loving kindness and wellbeing.

I find Thai to be very invigorating and a wonderful massage modality, one I plan on continuing and

promoting. How can something that has been around for thousands of years, was born in the temple

with the monks and Buddha, forms of it come from Ayurveda the oldest and wisest form of medicine not

be important.

Thank the heavens that Western medicine has finally accepted that Thai massage/yoga is beneficial to

one’s over all well-being.

“Photo courtesy of ABMP.” And Google Image.


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  1. Great overview thanks.

    Unfortunately, all too many people confuse Thai Massage with the “Bangkok massage”, which ironically doesn’t involve massage per se.

    It’s good for people to see what it’s all about.

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